My Beliefs

Most SOB (statement of belief) pages look like tis:

The Bible: stuff stuff stuff stuff

The Father: stufff stuff stuff stuff

The Son: stuff stuff stuff stuff

The Spirit: stuff stuff stuff stuff

Salvation: stuff stuff stuff stuff


That's really annoying because every other word should be "Jesus Christ." Jesus is everything. That's not just a cool slogan, but a reality that outflows from the heart that burns for Jesus.

So let me change the format a bit:

I believe: that Jesus Christ is utterly and completely supreme, being before all creation and yet willingly submits Himself to His Father (the 1st person of the Trinity) and sends out His Spirit (the 3rd person of the Trinity), and that He was slain before the foundation of the world, that He took on flesh, adding humanity to His Divinity, and thus He became both fully human and fully God, entered into time and was born of a virgin and lived a perfect life. I believe that He, this God-among-us (Immanuel) manifested in every aspect of his life His perfect obedience and submissiveness to His Father as an example not only for us to follow, but of what is taking place in us now.

I believe that this Gentle Lamb was then led like a lamb to the slaughter and crucified on the cross, became sin on the cross and suffered the very wrath of God that every natural man deserves, and in the place of many, He died and bought them with His blood. And then, three Jewish days later, He rose from the dead! Yes, this carpenter from Nazareth slapped Death in the face by kicking open that tomb and rising from death unto life, securing the Promise of Salvation for all His elect. He then rose into Heaven 40 days later and took His seat on the throne of God, at the right hand of His Father, having been given a name above every name. This Majestic and Enthroned King once more took up His Full Glory and will come again to judge the living and the dead.

And this Crowned Prince of Peace commands all men everywhere to repent RIGHT NOW, to turn away from their sins, leave the world and its intricacies behind, and follow after Christ, and believe in Him. This very thing - this repentance and faith - is impossible for man to do yet the Spirit of Christ does this all over the world to many people all the time. The Spirit of Jesus does this through many things, be they gifts of prophecy or biblical wisdom, but specially through His Inspired, Sufficient, Authoritative Word, which will never fail. And when this happens, this crossing over from Satan's slave to Christ's Freedman, an incredible life-changing and instantaneous miracle takes place and the person is forever changed. He is given the righteousness of Jesus, the very perfection of God, and robed in His perfection - this robe Christ shed off before the cross to instead be wrapped in the filthy rags of sin.

And everyone that Christ calls from death to serve Him as a faithful soldier will remain enlisted, and will never lose his salvation, but will become more and more like the General of generals, King of kings, and Lord of lords, JESUS CHRIST.

That was better than just "The bible is infallible, Jesus is God and man, salvation is by faith nor works, etc." wasn't it?

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