Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jesus in Food

When you sit to eat, what do you think about as you taste your food? Is the "partaking of the bread of the Lord," (ie. the Lord's supper) only something you do once a month or whenever arbitrarily decided? "Lord, thank you for this bread [normally just a cracker!] which represents the body of Christ." Yes, bread represents Jesus. So does every other food.

The rich healthy brocoli represents the verdent life of Jesus. The spicy tang of Indian food represents the fire of passion and holiness in the eyes of Jesus. The freshly baked pizza with a thousand toppings represents the rich complexities of the Person of Jesus.

But that's not all.

When you bite or cut any food before you eat it, assuming that the food represents Jesus, are you not "breaking the bread" as well? Does this action not represent the "crushing of Jesus" (Isa 53:5,11)? And when the food is pulverised in your mouth and then sent down your esophagus and into the acidic enzymatic liquid of your stomach fluid, does this not all represent the torturous hell Christ bore on the cross?

But this food does not merely die (in that sense) in your mouth and stomach and pass through the other end, leaving you nothing but mashed up food. NO! Christ did not merely die on the cross, suffering the wrath of God for the sins of the elect.

The rich nutrients in the food itself go to your body to replenish it, and vivify it, and give it the power it needs to live. No man can live long without nutrients. In this sense, food symbolizes Christ, the life giver.

So let us not constrain our minds to only see the body of Jesus in one little tidbit we eat once a month, but rather in all the food we eat - and especially what we share with other believers. He can be seen everywhere in everything, and many more patterns and types of Jesus can be seen in all things than any man can think of. And one day we will see this great Archetype and Perfect Prototype (in the sense that all else is copied from Him), the Real McCoy and the Original Omega.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Enslavement to Glory

Powerful, powerful                                           26
March! March! March! March!                       1
Love consumed me, overflowed me                  25
Work! Work! Work! Work!                               2
Green pastures and trees breathed the living air  24
Muck! Drudge! Sludge! Nudge!                        3
I looked into his eyes of fire                                23
Inhale Soot and Coal-dust!                               4
On His throne, reigning imperially                        22
Work harder! Die!                                              5
Winds of holiness swept through me                     21
Eat thy tongue and weep.                                  6                           
I was lifted up, amazed by wonderous lights         20
Blinde thyself and crumble                                 7
It penetrated me like a sunlit ray from God              19
Drinke thy mercurie.                                               8         
Suddenly the same golden orb pierced all space and time 18
Devour thy lusts like swine                                         9
It magnamiously turned itself to a globe for me            17
Behold, thou art naught save dust.                          10
His scarlet blood turned into Prince’s gold                  16
Thinkest that thou canst escape my chains of yore? 11
The Christ eclipsed then all lesser glory, bleeding red.    15
Yea, weep, despair and die: but repent thou not.       12
Suddenly freedom in the midst of sorrow blinded me.    14
No! I am his bloodowner and fleshmæster! NO!         13

Now read this according to the numbers on the right (1, 2, 3, etc.)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hidden Truth

Still they dreamed this dream.

A man was standing there,
Looking beyond the dull grey walls
Across oceans of deep majesty
Until he could almost see the other side
With mountains that stretched into clouds
Whereon people clothed in beauty lived
Worlds full of excitement, of adenture
Palaces of gold
And a King so powerful all of his enemies bowed a knee to Him
Robes of silken white flowing out from him, and crowned of illustrious blue light

A woman stood beside him there
Sitting on the concrete barrier
She too could almost see across the seas
And envision the deep mysterious jungles,
And tree-top villages and cities,
Where people rode on the backs of great pterodactyls
And trained in the art of war, wearing helmets of gold
Emblazoned with the emblem of the King of Life
Wooden railways connected tree to tree
And here the King’s people lived in peace

A boy stood on the barrier, beside them
Nigh looking over the rippling waves of glass
To the land of the Sun, and the cities of Knowledge
Where people lived in towers of glass ascending for eons
People who delighted studying truth with instruments of power
Technology far advanced, given as a gift by their King of Science
Glass towers with bridges to distant stars, and worlds far away
Where also the King of Stars held sway, Reigning in the sound of suns

A girl sat on the cold barrier, betwixt them
Her mind flying outward and away, across the deep blue waters
To the wet shining coastline of the simple fishing people
Here the King had built a deep mine, cleaving between land and sea,
A glass column stretching down to the ocean floor, where warriors went
To fight the demons under the seafloor, where there were many deep caverns
Which fell away deep to the very core of the earth; dark and great pressure.
The fishermen fought here, against the devils which fly across the deep.

The man held the woman’s hand, and the boy looked in the girls’ eyes.
Many years ago, in sound and in fury they were born beneath the sea,
And taken captive by the dark, made prisoners on the Grey Isles.
They knew not that other lands existed, but that the Isle was their place to be.
All men lived here. Women governed. Children played quietly.
Was not all as it should seem?
Yet still they dreamed this dream.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Libertinism gives no freedom, legalism is not lawful and hyper-egalitarianism is correctly pronounced "hypo-equal".

None of these proclaim the gospel. None of these speak of Christ, save:
True liberty, true legality, true equality.